Dementia Care

We provide a high standard of accommodation and 24 hour care. The local GP surgery hold clinics at the home once a week or more if needed ensuring residents are reviewed on a regular basis. The GP is happy to meet with family members and hear any concerns they may have about their loved one. The community nursing team support us by providing assistance when deemed necessary. 

Older People’s Mental Heath Team is involved in providing clinical support where necessary.
We understand the precise needs that residents may have, including disorientation and memory loss. Providing care for those suffering from the many forms of dementia takes devoted and experienced staff to be able to manage the many ways dementia can affect a person.

Our care-staff have been specifically trained to be flexible and look further than the dementia and recognise the unique individual person within.

Our care plans include all of the key elements required to help improve the daily life of people with dementia. A person centred plan of care is drawn up with specific acknowledgements of a resident’s mental health needs. We assess how a resident’s lifestyle can be enhanced in the home and design a variety of activities to provide stimulation and promote independence.

Our approach to caring for and supporting a person with dementia means that we see the person with dementia as a person. We firmly believe that everyone experiences the condition differently and therefore the support we provide is sensitive and appropriate to each and every individual person to enable people to continue live their life with dementia and not just an existence.