We are happy to discuss special arrangements for meals for dietary purposes and also respect our guests’ individual tastes and preferences.

Library -we have an in-house library however the mobile library service is provided upon request and large print books are available.

Laundry – A complete laundry service is provided free of charge to all our residents via our in-house laundry facilities. Dry cleaning can be arranged but is not inclusive.

Hairdressing – First class hairdressers provide a regular service on a weekly basis at a cost.

Dentist – if you already have a local dentist he will continue to care for you, otherwise, we will be happy to supply you with details of all local dentists.

Opticians – An optician visits our home regularly All residents are informed beforehand of the impending visit and appointments are arranged as necessary.

Chiropody – A private chiropodist visits our home on a regular basis for a fee. Registration with an NHS chiropodist can be arranged.

Doctor – if you already have a local GP he will continue to care for you at Poplars. If they are unable to continue to care you, we will ensure that you are registered with a local GP

Toilet and Bathing Facilities – Bathrooms and toilets are well positioned throughout the home and are fitted with specialist equipment to ensure that they can be used easily by our residents

Television – A television and video is provided in the lounge area. Most of our rooms have television capabilities and residents are welcome to bring their own in. Where possible, we are happy for residents to subscribe for their own cable/satellite services.

Newspapers – Newspapers and magazines can be ordered on request and are delivered daily at a cost through a local news agent.

Pastoral Care – Arrangements can be made for regular visits by a pastoral representative All faiths are welcome.

Visitors – We encourage residents to treat Poplars like their home. This means that relations and friends are always welcome to visit residents but we politely request that they avoid meal times. Due to pressure for accommodation at our homes, it is unlikely that a room will be available for visitors although local arrangements can be made.

If you wish to discuss anything else in more detail, please telephone our Home Manager. We will be delighted to arrange a tour of our home without any obligation.